Master Planning

The Master Planning option is the most inclusive option and it offers all of the ‘traditional’ landscape architectural services. Master Planning can be applied to any size property or project, though it is particularly effective for large scale projects. It typically involves the following steps: Site Analysis, Programming, Conceptual Master Planning, Design Development, and Construction Documentation and Administration. Simply put, this option assesses the property and project, creates a Master Plan, designs the individual elements proposed within the landscape, and provides the documentation and oversight and coordination necessary to build the landscape elements. A Master Planning contract is typically divided into phases, each with different associated fees; clients can choose when and how many phases they wish to contract with Gerrit Goss Landscape Architecture and Design.

Detail Design and Construction

In some instances, a client already knows exactly what is needed to enhance their landscape to suit their needs, or they know precisely where they want to focus landscaping efforts. When it is determined that a comprehensive Master Plan is not necessary, the Detail Design and Construction option provides the design, the documentation, and coordination and oversight necessary to build any specific landscape element. Whether building a kitchen herb garden or a terrace with a fire pit, this option looks at the property through a narrower lense and relies heavily on the clients’ observations and experiences from living on site to guide the program and the best location to develop the program. This option is less about creating a long term planning guide for the future of the property and more about getting a particular landscape element built in the short term. There will typically be a Design Development contract and a separate Construction Administration contract.

Design Consultation

Some clients have ideas they want to refine and develop on their own, and they like the feed back and input of a professional to help guide them. Others are searching for and gathering a host of different ideas and options that they want to think through and evaluate on their own time. Whether you are looking for suggestions for designing your own landscape or you want nothing more than a list of possible replacements for some plants that never quite flourished as hoped, the Design Consultation may be the option you are looking for. It can be the first step to a larger project that evolves slowly, or it may go no further than a few hours of documented discussion. This option is billed hourly.


Clients are always welcome to request a customized scope and contract based on any of the above options.